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Experts in Landlord Tenant & Real Property Law, with a personalized approach.

Based in New York City, where the Landlord-Tenant system is particularly complex, Richard Neubarth & Associates PPLC is a boutique Real Estate law firm that helps keep clients ahead of the pace.

Specializing in Landlord-Tenant law and rent regulation, we offer legal solutions that cover all aspects of the Landlord-Tenant relationship throughout New York County, Kings County, Queens County and Bronx County.

We tailor our approach to suit each case, cutting out jargon, protecting your assets, saving you time and helping you to avoid headaches further down the line, when you need them least.

Our 30 years of combined experience in property management gives our office a broader perspective on the complex issues that tend to arise between management companies and their tenants. We achieve high results, equal to much larger firms, but offer a more personalized solution which is specifically tailored to your needs.

Using their unique experience both in real estate management and New York City regulatory compliance, our attorneys offer clients a representation that goes beyond the courtroom.

The real estate world in New York City moves fast and our team of attorneys and paralegals provide frequent updates and status reports on ongoing matters to make sure our clients are ahead of the pace.



Our combined areas of legal practice come from years of dedication and experience in Landlord-Tenant law. Together, we have a range of skills which will ensure any potential legal issues, action or defences will be identified and presented to you full scope, tailored around your specific case, and in a personal and helpful manner.

The patchwork of rent laws in New York City can prove to be an "impenetrable thicket confusing not only to laymen but to lawyers"

89 Christopher Inc. v. Joy



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We have built a successful boutique firm on being responsive and reliable to our clients and their needs. One of the cornerstones of a successful attorney-client relationship is the attorney being able to communicate the legal approach in a language that the client understands.

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